Group Note -- content and sections outline

Hi all,

More content is being added to the Group Note as the publication date  
of the FPWD approaches.

I originally drafted the Open Government Data section a while ago and  
got very few comments about it, so I assume people is happy with the  
content so far. I also asked about the outline of that sections and if  
was good enough or not and people agreed on being good and serve as  
basis for other sections.

Anyway, Oscar was a while ago working on the Interoperability section  
and Daniel on the Id&Auth one, and both had a different approach, more  
summarized and short.

I think I also remember Kevin saying something about the Group  
producing short notes on very specific issues from time to time.

Since the F2F is close and we'll be discussing about the future of the  
Group, I wanted to have this somewhere for consideration in terms of  
how the future deliverables of this Group should look like. No need to  
discuss it now, but would like to come back to this at the F2F.


Jose M. Alonso <>    W3C/CTIC
eGovernment Lead         

Received on Thursday, 26 February 2009 17:24:01 UTC