Social Media Project Task

Hello all,

I wanted to flush out an idea before proposing/posting it to the project
wiki page.

One of the projects this group has identified regards the use of social
media tools by government entities.

The projects wiki pages states that the IG will augment work that has
already been done by other groups by including the IGs "international,
standards-based perspective" in the discussion.  (Which could be useful if
we would say anything different or new).  As stated on the project page, the
work product to be generated would be a W3C Interest Group Note.  If this is
the desired outcome of the group, I think that it will be fine and will
added to the discourse.

Alternatively, I would like to suggest that the social media project be a
practical experiment that generates a use case of how the IG utilized social
media tools for the outreach and education aspect of the second charter.  I
believe that social media is augment to an agency’s or organizations work.  So
I suggest that we use the social media project as a method to augment the
OGD and LGD projects and as a way to distribute the demos and other
materials produced by the group.  All of those efforts can lead to a use
case for how to use social media by a organization.

Please comment as I would like to hear the thoughts of others.



Brian Peltola Gryth
715 Logan street
Denver, CO 80203

Received on Monday, 14 December 2009 05:05:49 UTC