eGov Wiki: please use "Your Domain: W3C Accounts" to login

The eGov Wiki [1] now uses "W3C Accounts" in addition to the "local" and
OpenID accounts it used before.  The advantage of the W3C Accounts is
that they are automatically tied to your official membership in the
group.  Before you joined the group, you had to get one of these, and
when you're in the group and using this account, the system now gives
you write access to the wiki.

Your W3C Account is the one you'll need to get to this page:

which is also the page where you can edit your W3C profile.  You can
recover the login and password for your W3C Account with this form:

I suggest people use ONLY these logins in the future on the eGov Wiki.
The OpenID and "local" accounts are not tied in with the automatic
permission system (the system doesn't know which local accounts and
OpenIDs belong to people in the IG).  It might make sense to remove
these non-W3C accounts, to reduce confusion.  If you know of a reason
not to remove them, after we're sure the W3C Accounts are working
properly, let me know.  (Personally, I'm a big fan of OpenID, but until
the W3C systems fully implement it, you'll need a W3C Account anyway, so
OpenID doesn't really help.)

      -- Sandro


Received on Thursday, 10 December 2009 19:19:59 UTC