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Agenda+ 2nd F2F dates and location.

Proposed: 12-13 March 2009 at AIA in Washington DC, USA.

Current plan is to meet there with a draft in good shape, discuss  
improvements to get it as final document and plan for next phase of  
eGov at W3C.

Chairs and me thought it would be better to give as much advance  
notice as possible. We are sorry is not as close to the AC Meeting as  
we would like it to be, but that's the best we could do given our  

We would like to hear opinions/issues about the proposed dates and  
location before the end of the month and plan to take a final decision  
right afterwards according to the 8 weeks advance notice in the W3C  
process document [1].

If you don't plan to attend in person but would like to attend  
remotely, please also let us know so we could try to setup a  
conference bridge, too, if possible.


ps: please, remember that Group meetings are for Group participants  
only. If you are not a Group participant and would like to participate  
please contact me or the Chairs as much in advance as possible.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2004/02/Process-20040205/policies.html#GeneralMeetings

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