Re: [minutes] eGov IG Chairs call -- 3 Dec 2008

El 04/12/2008, a las 0:40, Jose M. Alonso escribió:
> ...
> 5. Jose to start round of contacts to get use cases from outside
>   Please, feel free to suggest people I should contact.

This one, ACTION-39, is done. I already sent to some 40 addresses, the  
great majority are government agencies totaling more than 40 countries  
(some are mailing lists), and also some international organizations  
such as UNDP, IADB, OAS, ICA...

I'm tracking it at a Web page that is not publicly available, only to  
the Chairs and me. Not that I don't want to (no mystery there), but  
that there are individual names, email addresses and personal comments  
in there.

If you think it should be public, I could make another one with just  
the names of the organizations and countries and make that one public.

I copied the Chairs in every message and I'll report back as soon as/ 
if we get positive responses.

-- Jose

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