Re: Meeting agenda for TPAC

Hey Leonie,
I waited to see if we get clarity on whether the opinion paper posted by
Alexandre represents the official Chromium view, as that would change what
we need to talk about quite fundamentally.

The last email makes it sound as if we are not going to get this
clarification. So I'll put all Alexandre's proposed action items on the
agenda but also beforeinput level 2. Then we'll see how to continue.

Notice that a lot seems to be related to the selection so we should make
sure Ryosuke is involved in this.

On 24 Oct 2017 10:54 am, "Léonie Watson" <> wrote:

Johannes, Gary, & Grisha,

I need your help to put the agenda together for the Editing TF meeting at
TPAC [1].

We have the meeting with APA WG at 2pm, and I've added the Clipboard API
items requested by Gary at 3pm (though feel free to move it).

Can you fill in the rest of the items and/or post them to this thread, and
I'll add them to the agenda?


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