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Re: 2 Proposals for Minimum Viable InputEvent

From: Neil Jenkins <neilj@fastmail.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 13:22:42 +1100
Message-Id: <1486952562.1993606.878847088.0C69B213@webmail.messagingengine.com>
To: public-editing-tf@w3.org
On Mon, 13 Feb 2017, at 11:23 AM, Johannes Wilm wrote:

> But who are these small, yet production-ready editors?

Hi! Author of Squire[1] here; probably the smallest production-ready
editor (~4600 loc; 15KB minified+gzip; used in production at FastMail[2]
and elsewhere). It does not use execCommand. I agree with all the other
authors: the only sane way for editors to work is for the editor to
handle all (or at least most) of the DOM manipulation. The browser
should just tell the editor what the user wants to do semantically as
much as possible, and nothing more.



  1. https://github.com/neilj/Squire
  2. https://www.fastmail.com
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