RE: Working toward "Feature Complete" for Input Events spec

Yes I'll add the labels. Most things are Input Events right now because contentEditable is much simpler (at least for the moment).

Thanks for the heads up about open issues being ok. The V1.0 issues are meant to represent the ones we should close because they help us scope things. If you think any of them should be V1.1 instead, it would be great to know that.

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On 1/28/15 5:04 PM, Ben Peters wrote:
> It would be great to get the Input Events spec to the point where we believe it covers all known features, and work toward a working draft. I have therefore set up a V1.0 milestone in GitHub Issues [1] to track what I believe are the issues we need to solve to get there. Please let me know if I missed anything, and help us drive this list to completion.
> The primary areas of discussion are:
> * Text Nodes, IMEs, Spelling, and Overtype
> * Device Dependent and Device Independent events being linked
> * Terminology
> * Cleaning up issues imported from DOM L3 Events
> Ben

Thanks for this update and plan Ben! This looks good to me although it would certainly be OK for the First Public Working Draft to have open issues.

(At some point, perhaps it would be helpful to apply {ContentEditable, Input Events} labels to the open issue (f.ex. to facilitate identifying the issues blocking these specs for the various milestones).)


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> +milestone%3AV1.0

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