Keyboard access in HTML - discussions in other places


I guess it is obvious, but there are related discussions in various groups.

The IndieUI group already agreed to explicitly track the work of this task force, and coordinate as required to avoid stepping on each others' specified toes.

There is a discussion in the HTML accessibility task force about revising the various pieces of HTML that relate to keyboard access - in particular accesskey and tabindex, but there are probably other places this touches on, such as focus management.

The latter also applies to SVG, HTML image maps (where there is a specific issue at the moment) and perhaps canvas.

That means there are a couple of things for this group to think about. One is that our audience is bigger than us - it is also the people who are watching us but not directly involved in our work - and likewise there are things we might want to watch.

A specific question from the HTML accessibility area - is it more helpful to have that work take place on the HTML mailing list, or the HTML accessibility mailing list (or do people nt care either way)?

The best documentation of what we are up to there is probably <> (trying to make meaningful URLs is a good way to remember that we're bad at predicting the future, but KYFBIKYGBbi66I is hard to deal with too… ;) ).



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