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Just to note, I think this is valuable insight, and I back everything  
Hallvord says here. (Especially the bit about being sorry he won't be  

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> Hi,
> some thoughts for your meeting in Paris - sorry that I can't show up as  
> an observer myself.
> You have some "deprecate or spec" decisions to make - I hope you keep in  
> mind that removing features from the web is very, very hard and will  
> take a long time, and just having a new spec >(even if you suceed in  
> getting it past the hurdles to become a W3C Recommendation) won't  
> guarantee either implementation or uptake among developers. Also, it's  
> likely we're still a couple >of years away from having widespread  
> implementation support for your new features and meanwhile many new  
> projects will be built on the old stuff. Telling developers to not use  
> cE=true >during the next few years is impractical.
> For this reason, I suggest that you add a warning - let's call it  
> "intent to deprecate" - to the older specs, but still keep them in a  
> sort of low-resource maintenance mode. If some UA developer >happens to  
> be working on something and notices an error in those specs, it should  
> be fixed if it's easy to do so. If a web developer reads those specs,  
> they should be encouraged to check >the implementation progress of the  
> new work and be aware that things are changing - but not be told it's  
> bad or wrong to use the old features until the new ones are ready.
> Just my five cents - I hope it makes sense :)
> -Hallvord
> PS: Editing is sort of a special case among UA features because it's  
> possible to emulate pretty much all of it with JS. Generally, nobody  
> decided to do HTML parsing or image decoding in JS >on their website  
> because of cross-UA inconsistencies, but editing is different. This is -  
> believe it or not - probably one of the reasons editing is such a  
> compatibility mess. UAs are spoiled by >all those editor developers  
> fixing up their problems, and the pressure for fixing editing hasn't  
> generally been of the "drop everything else, GMail is broken" type of  
> pressure.

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