Re: on execCommand() and script-triggered copy/cut/paste


On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 4:36 PM, Aryeh Gregor <> wrote:

> I replaced the contents of the repo with pointers to the new locations:
> It seems someone already redirected
> <> to
> <>.  I think it would be better to
> remove the redirect, because that link doesn't make reference to the
> new home of the selection API.

Ok, sure, either way is fine with me. I now also added links to the
selection and clipboard api specs on because
people interested in editing specs probably also would want to consult
these specs.

> Also, the selection and editing tests are now merged into
> web-platform-tests (thanks, Ms2ger!), so any other copies should be
> deleted to avoid confusion:

Ok, I take it we should just link to the editing tests in the execCommand
spec and the selection tests will be linked to by the Selection API specs,

I looked through the description text of the editing tests, and it appeared
to me that most of that was outdated as well. At least I couldn't find the
following among the tests:

* implementation.js as a JavaScript implementation (the manual tests give
404 messages due to it missing)
* conformance tests vs. development tests. The development tests seem to be
mostly gone, but the tests in the "manual" directory seem to likely be
meant for development, right?
* multitest which is mentioned in the description I cannot find
* There is a notice at the top of each tests saying 'See the <a
href="editing.html#tests">Tests</a> section of the specification for
documentation.' and the link leads nowhere.

So I wonder -- should the section Tests just have a single paragraph of
content saying "Tests can be found <a
and the description of which test is where included with the tests
themselves, or should we update the description of the tests in the spec
itself? I am fine with either solution, but if it's to be added to the

Johannes Wilm
Fidus Writer

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