Re: on execCommand() and script-triggered copy/cut/paste

On Wednesday 5 August 2015 at 11:11, Frederico Knabben wrote:
>  * AFAIK, there is no W3C “recommendation" that includes execCommand and contenteditable.  
Well, I should have been stopped exactly here. Both contenteditable=true and execCommand ARE parts of a W3C recommendation:

Which, in the case of cE=true, it specs it (minimally) but in case of execCommand, it points back to the Editing TF.

So, one option maybe be:

 * Warning that for cE=true no further work will be done on it (no deprecation, just freezing).
 * Deprecate execCommand (and similars) without spec’ing them, as they are not spec’ed in a recommendation but are mentioned.

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