incorporation of changes to spec ahead of Paris F2F meeting

after extensive discussion on Github over the past half year or so, I have
incorporated most of the suggestions in the newest draft of the various
editing related specs [1].In the case of spellchecking, where editor
developers and browser developers seemed to disagree most strongly, I have
opted for the version of browser developers (which means that browsers have
control over spellchecking and don't give any tools to editor developers to
implement spell checking themselves), but it's also made clear that spell
checking, grammar checking, etc. can be provided by the browser, but it
needs to be possible to turn them off. Also in other issues I opted for the
option that seemed to find the least resistance among those who took part
in the discussion.

There are some things left: It seems like execCommand and
contentEdtiable=true will be deprecated and that we will decide to not spec
their behavior. For now I have left the corresponding two documents in
their current state, as this change will likely just be replacing the
documents with a disclaimer saying they are deprecated and their usage is
discouraged, or some such thing.

Another issue is the block level caret movement. There is an issue for one
aspect of it in the Selection API, and we need to make sure that the
proposed solution [2], or another one, actually ends up in the selection

Additionally there are a number of other tickets that we have discussed
less -- for example whether/how the intention events should say what caused
them to trigger, and how copy/paste function with CE=intentions when there
is no access to execCommand [3].

I think it would be very helpful if JS editor developers could review the
current specs and the remaining issues and make sure that the specs contain
everything needed to create a working JS based editor.

Johannes Wilm
Fidus Writer

Received on Monday, 3 August 2015 10:12:24 UTC