Re: Default Caret and Selection Positioning Spec?

On Wed, Dec 17, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Ben Peters <>
> > Ben, do your connections with the Office team mean we could find somebody
> > knowledgeable to clue us in on what they feel is the "proper" behavior of
> > the caret in a rich text editor and why?
> I think 'proper' is important to consider, but personally I think
> 'predictable' is better for browsers. The input events spec [1] currently
> says that it should have 'left' gravity ('backward' coming soon) on click,
> and 'current side' gravity (if you're in an element, stay in it) on arrow
> keys, etc. This seems predictable to me and can be changed easily by script.
> [1]

Ben, can you please clarify this? I don't see any of this terminology in
the document you linked.

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