Re: Only Text Input and Intention Events: Return key

On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 6:14 PM, Norbert Lindenberg
<> wrote:
>> On Dec 4, 2014, at 5:07 , Koji Ishii <> wrote:
>> I agree with Frederico. All control codes should not be handled,
>> including ENTER and TAB. Today I had some informal discussion with my
>> colleague about whether it should handle BACKSPACE/DEL or not. I think
>> it should not, but he disagreed with me.
> I’d be interested in hearing both your and your colleague’s arguments on BACKSPACE/DEL.

Hi Norbert, glad to talk to you in this TF.

I think it's not "typing", and is quite easy to implement in
JavaScript. The wish for editor developers to implement them
differently from other editors may be small, but may not be zero.
There was a discussion in Unicode ML that when user pressed two keys
to enter one character (such as letters with diacritical marks,)
should BACKSPACE erase the last character, or the last user action?
Some East Asian IME implements BACKSPACE right after the determination
as the undo of the determination. I prefer all such things should be
better implemented in JavaScript.

My colleague thought BACKSPACE and DEL are so fundamental to consider
it as "typing". The text input control in every OS supports them by

So maybe the different view is whether cE=typing is really about
typing, or is the goal similar to plain text input control.

IIUC, the TF has not come to conclusion on this question yet?


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