Re: [editing] Responsive Input Terminology

On 12/12/2014 08:38, Frederico Knabben wrote:
> At a frist glance I almost agreed with you, Björn.
> Note though that, in terms of output, these events we’re talking about
> are adapted to the input method used to generate them. We’re not any
> more talking about device specific events, like “mouse click” or “key
> press”. One of these events could be “insert character” and the way it
> is triggered vary depending on device, platform, ATs, etc.

In that case, it feels to me like these are the exact opposite of 
"Responsive". In RWD, the design responds to the device/environment. 
Here, the events themselves don't respond...the layer above them is 
mediating the device-specific events into these abstracted events. So 
it's not the events themselves that are "responding" to anything, but 
the environment (the specific device/input modalities).

Also agree with Tobie that the apparent jumping on the "Responsive" 
buzzword bandwagon is, if nothing else, too late now.

I still favor some form of naming that conveys this is about abstracted 

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