Re: [editing] Responsive Input Terminology

* Ben Peters wrote:
>There has been a lot of debate [1][2] about the correct name for device 
>independent events [3] as a concept*. We have considered Intention 
>Events, Command Events, and Action Events among others. I believe we now 
>have a good name for them- Responsive Input Events. The reason for this 
>name is that it is the corollary to Responsive Layout: for input instead 
>of output. Together these two concepts can help form the basis of 
>Responsive Design going forward. 

"Responsive Layout" responds to geometric changes in the environment or,
if you will, adapts to different geometric environments. I do not really
see how device independent events respond or adapt. They are independent
of their environment already. Instead of "Responsive (Input Events)", it
is possible that some people read it as "(Responsive Input) Events", but
I do not really see how the input responds or adapts either. The input
is what it is, and does not really interact with anything on its own.
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