Re: Default Caret and Selection Positioning Spec?

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 10:48 AM, Frederico Knabben <>

> a|<span cE=false><span cE=true>b</span>c</span>d
> a<span cE=false><span cE=true>b|</span>c</span>d (nothing to skip)
> This one seems more questionably to me.  What would the use case be to not
> have the caret be able to go in front of the "b"? It seems like users would
> need "hack" this by adding a zero-width space to the outer span to get
> around this limitation. That doesn't seem right.
> Visually speaking, the user sees the above as "a|bcd". Considering that
> both "a" and "b" are editable, with nothing non-editable in-between them,
> it is a natural user expectation that ARROW-RIGHT will lead to "ab|cd".
I understand that there may be situations where you want to style non
> editable blocks in a more evident way to the user, with borders, padding,
> etc... so it sounds reasonable for me that if the outer <span cE=false> has
> the "display" style set to anything that is not "inline", like
> "inline-block", the movement would count as a in-between blocks move, so
> the caret will be before "b". This would be a good way to bring developers
> control over this behavior.

I think that sounds like a good compromise and a lot better than having to
add zero space characters as would otherwise be the only way around this:

a<span class="outer" cE=false>&#8203;<span cE=true>b</span>c</span>d

I can't think of any circumstances in which one may need to use the inline
css style yet still want this behavior.

> Btw, I feel that the computed style of "display" is critical on the
> algorithms, because some block elements may be styled as inline and
> vice-versa.
> We discussed some related cases in the  above URL.
> @Ben, It is pretty hard to follow the discussion there, because there are
> several different topics under discussion on separate comments. Just like
> this thread. I really think that a shared document would do a better job.
Agreed. I sometimes feel that certain points have been forgotten, but I
don't want to constantly repost here as that would just spam the list.

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