RE: Need Agreement on Terminology

Another reason we need agreement:)

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Somewhat relatedly, clipboard API specification started using the term "action" to refer to copy, paste, & cut:

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Thanks for your feedback everyone. I don't feel like we've landed on an answer yet. Those opposed to the word "Intentions" should speak up so we can finish this discussion and have consistent terminology going forward. Thanks!!

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I agree. Intentional web events have been worked on in the W3C for years with no real successful delivery. These were there well before Android looked at "intentional" events and I believe Raman was involved with the Web intentional events effort from Google.

My recommendation is that we use the term and coordinate with the existing Web Events effort. There goal has been to produce intentional events anyway.

Part of the success of any technical effort is user consumption. When you say intentional events you immediately know what the objective of the work is much the same way that we know "Word" is a word processor.

We might shorten the name to "Intent" Events.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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>Two reasons some people don't like "Intentions":

Neither of them is a good reason to avoid the term, though. I don't think confusion is likely because "intention event" is a unique phrase which can have a defined meaning in the context of specifications. The description also seems apt: what these events capture is the user's intention or purpose in performing the action that causes the events to be dispatched.

Any proposed terminology will have its detractors. It is important to define it clearly and use it consistently.


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