Re: [dxwg] [I18N] References to ISO-639 vs. BCP47 (#959)

Having re-read this thread this morning and gone back to the editor's draft... the text [here]( says:

>Resources defined by the Library of Congress (ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2) SHOULD be used. If a ISO 639-1 (two-letter) code is defined for language, then its corresponding IRI SHOULD be used; if no ISO 639-1 code is defined, then IRI corresponding to the ISO 639-2 (three-letter) code SHOULD be used.

I think this should say something entirely different. It should probably say something like:

> Different standards are used to identify languages. Where possible, BCP47 language tags SHOULD be used. Resources defined by ISO 639 MAY also be used. If an ISO 639-1 (two-letter) code is defined for a language, then its corresponding IRI SHOULD be used in preference to the ISO 639-2 or ISO 639-3 code.

Alternatively, if you don't want to change the recommendation, a health warning could be something like:

> NOTE: requirements for identification of natural language in linked data specifications are evolving. Many applications use [BCP47] language tags for this purpose. ISO 639 also provides additional codes in ISO 639-3 which might be required for some uses.

I'm happy to discuss the details here. If you need me to attend a future call, please let me know.

(A couple of minor side notes. BCP47 is a better reference than any of its constituent RFCs; the current "core" RFC of BCP47 is 5646 (4646 was an older edition). ISO 639-3 and -2 are linked together (`3` is a superset of `2`), but the reference for `3`, as far as I recall, is not the Library of Congress, hence my omission of LOC in my suggested text)

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