Re: [dxwg] Suggestion to add dct:format and dcat:mediaType to dcat:DataService (#1381)

This might be a discussion we should adress at the DCAT-AP level, but since the discussion is already relatively advanced here...
in #1055 there is the idea to use dcat:Distributions within dcat:Datasets added to the dcat:DataService via dcat:servesDataset. 
While this is possible, it doesn't seem suitable for the context of DCAT-AP and data portals. Datasets and Distribution come with their own set of mandatory elements. A portal normally also offers a page for every Datasets it contains. Those blank-node-datasets would pollute the catalog in my opinion.

Since `dcat:endpointDescription` has the cardinality of `*`, we could simply advise (in the context of DCAT-AP) the following:
_:dataservice a dcat:DataService ;
  dct:title "A Title" ;
  dct:license <> ;
  dcat:servesDataset _:dataset-123 ;
  dcat:endpointURL <;
  dcat:endpointDescription <> ;
  dcat:endpointDescription [ 
    dct:format <> ;
    dct:format <> ;

Of course, we could formalize it by creating a class like `dcatap:MicroEndpointDescription`.
I think something like this would be a good idea for DCAT-AP. We have the narrower use case of data portals and there a simple and EU-wide solution would be useful.

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