[dxwg] Question: Fundamental meaning of `dcat:servesDataset` (#1446)

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== Question: Fundamental meaning of `dcat:servesDataset` ==
I am trying to understand the various ways of using `dcat:DataService`. I created this little graphic:


Until now my understanding of `dcat:servesDataset` was literal: the service delivers `dcat:Dataset`s, as in: it delivery meta-data. 
But that's wrong? It means that the service delivers data, described by the `dcat:Dataset`s it serves?

So... is the whole circle needed for data delivered by an `dcat:DataService`? In [example 12](https://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-dcat-2/#ex-access-service) the `:dataset-004` doesn't look that useful. 

My current understanding is, that it is a question of the point of view: do I want to create a catalog of services? Then I emphasize the `dcat:DataService` and don't need `dcat:Dataset`s. 
Or is a `dcat:DataService`merely another way to access the data, then I emphasize the `dcat:Dataset`.

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