Re: Space for guidance work?

I don’t mind using [pg] to mark emails on this list for the guidance dock at least initially. I suppose we will pretty quickly move to a document in GitHub, where we can discuss more of the particulars without spamming the email list so much.

> On May 18, 2021, at 10:34 AM, Antoine Isaac <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks for this, Karen!
> As I'm still unsure about joining tonight, I'm going to post my reaction here:
> - I agree creating a new list would be too much. I think (hope) that the discussions would be perhaps long but focused in a few threads. And I'm ready to prefix emails with [pg] ;-)
> - organizing the documents makes much sense. We'd have to make sure this includes the google doc(s?) we've worked on around the Lyon F2F...
> I think starting from [2] is better than [1]. Looking at the milestone that [1] is connected to (i.e., it seems that it's rather focused on PROF than on profile-guidance.
> In general I think that using the W3C wiki would be better, because that's where the profile guidance work had been mostly documented.
> As a matter of fact I wouldn't have an objection to re-using the historical "round-up" wiki page that you had created, Karen [3]. It was created originally to discuss issues I believe, but we could re-vamp it to keep track of the relevant pointers (the first part of the document) while we still use github for the specific issues.
> Cheers,
> Antoine
> [3]
> On 14/05/2021 16:30, Karen Coyle wrote:
>> The group that has agreed to look into working on a DCAT AP guidance document has had a bit of conversation in email, but of course none of that is either public or archived. It seems, however, that it may be premature to set up a separate mailing list for this effort. Would it work for us to use this list and prefix our subjects with something like "[pg]"? Also, we have begun gathering documents so we need a place for this and perhaps for discussion. Is there a preference for using the wiki? or creating pages in the main DXWG area?
>> There is one wiki page [1] and a handful of documents under "Working Documents" [2] on the main page. Organizing the documents we have already is probably a good first step - or at least that's how I usually begin such a task.
>> Thanks,
>> kc
>> [1]
>> [2]

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