Space for guidance work?

The group that has agreed to look into working on a DCAT AP guidance 
document has had a bit of conversation in email, but of course none of 
that is either public or archived. It seems, however, that it may be 
premature to set up a separate mailing list for this effort. Would it 
work for us to use this list and prefix our subjects with something like 
"[pg]"? Also, we have begun gathering documents so we need a place for 
this and perhaps for discussion. Is there a preference for using the 
wiki? or creating pages in the main DXWG area?

There is one wiki page [1] and a handful of documents under "Working 
Documents" [2] on the main page. Organizing the documents we have 
already is probably a good first step - or at least that's how I usually 
begin such a task.


Karen Coyle

Received on Friday, 14 May 2021 14:32:21 UTC