GeoSPARQL 1.1 with a DCAT2 example for review

Dear DXWG,

The OGC's GeoSPARQL Standards WG (SWG) is proposing an example of the use
of GeoSPARQL 1.1 that includes DCAT packaging of GeoSPARQL data as a

If DXWG members are interested, the SWG would appreciate your review of
this example. Please note that there are new properties in GeoSPARQL 1.1
that duplicate (but the SWG hopes will replace) some DCAT properties, such
as geo:hasBoundingBox / dcat:bbox & geo:hasCentroid / dcat:centroid. The
example in this GeoSPARQL PR shows these properties in action.



Received on Wednesday, 16 June 2021 01:28:28 UTC