[dxwg] suggestion to add a property thumbnail to dataset (#1357)

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== suggestion to add a property thumbnail to dataset ==
### Dataset Thumbnail / Graphic preview
Status: idea

Creator: Paul van Genuchten

Deliverable(s): DCAT3

## Stakeholders
Web developers, when developing apps on a dcat oriented backend
Metadata experts, when mapping other metadata standards to DCAT

## Problem statement
I haven't been able to find any references to discussions about a thumbnail property in the dcat scope. Web applications like to display a graphic representation of the asset as part of a textual search result. 

## Existing approaches
Having a thumbnail is quite common in the spatial domain, where it typically contains a print of a map of the data, e.g. 
 [iso19139:graphicOverview](http://www.datypic.com/sc/niem31/e-gmd_graphicOverview-1.html). It is also available in 
 schema.org/Dataset as [thumbnailUrl](https://schema.org/thumbnailUrl). [Open Graph](https://ogp.me) has it as a main element 'image'. 

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