Re: [dxwg] Review new DCTERMS version to check possible conflicts with DCAT2 (#1213)

As far as I was able to see, the changes done in the current version of DCTERMS have no particular impact on DCAT.

For our records, I include below the changelog available at 

<li>Release: 2020-01-20 (<a href="/specifications/dublin-core/dcmi-terms/">Current Version</a>)
<li>Definitions of properties and classes in the <code>/terms/</code> namespace follow <a href="">ISO 15836-2:2019</a> as <a href="">announced in January 2020</a>, with minor differences of house style.</li>
<li>Usage comments for Language and Date in the <code>/elements/1.1/</code> namespace updated as per corresponding properties in the <code>/terms/</code> namespace</li>
<li>Two new properties added: <code>dcam:domainIncludes</code> and <code>dcam:rangeIncludes</code>.</li>
<li><code>rdfs:range</code> changed to <code>dcam:rangeIncludes</code> for: <code>dct:accessRights</code>, <code>dct:accrualMethod</code>, <code>dct:accrualPeriodicity</code>, <code>dct:accrualPolicy</code>, <code>dct:audience</code>, <code>dct:conformsTo</code>, <code>dct:contributor</code>, <code>dct:coverage</code>, <code>dct:creator</code>, <code>dct:educationLevel</code>, <code>dct:extent</code>, <code>dct:format</code>, <code>dct:instructionalMethod</code>, <code>dct:language</code>, <code>dct:license</code>, <code>dct:mediator</code>, <code>dct:medium</code>, <code>dct:provenance</code>, <code>dct:publisher</code>, <code>dct:rights</code>, <code>dct:rightsHolder</code>, <code>dct:spatial</code>, and <code>dct:temporal</code>.</li>
<li><code>rdfs:domain</code> changed to <code>dcam:domainIncludes</code> for: <code>dct:medium</code>.</li>
<li>Clarifications of wording for definitions and usage comments.</li>
<li>Additional usage examples.</li>
<li>Erratum 2020-03-11: Fixed reference URL for dcterms:ISO3166.</li>

Unless there are any issues to be reported, I would propose to close this issue.

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