Re: [dxwg] Should DCAT define a property for version identifiers? (#1280)

`owl:versionInfo` is perfectly fine for versioning an ontology itself. PAV author here, in we even use that rather than "eat our own dog food" (as it would take it into OWL Full or pollute with OWL annotation properties):

    <owl:Ontology rdf:about="">
        <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">Provenance, Authoring and Versioning (PAV)</rdfs:label>
        <owl:versionInfo rdf:datatype="&xsd;string">2.3.1</owl:versionInfo>
        <owl:versionIRI rdf:resource="&pav;2.3"/>
        <owl:priorVersion rdf:resource="&pav;2.2"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;2.2"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;2.1"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;2.0/"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;authoring/2.0/"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;provenance/2.0/"/>
        <owl:backwardCompatibleWith rdf:resource="&pav;versioning/2.0/"/>
        <owl:incompatibleWith rdf:resource=""/>
<!-- ... -->

But for tracking versions of datasets then `owl:versionInfo` `owl:priorVersion` etc becomes cumbersome as it implies you are making an ontology. But your dataset is not an OWL ontology - it is just described using ontologies.

In we say how you can also use PAV relations like `pav:previousVersion` to show the whole version hierarchy, if you like, including the unversioned "latest":

![PAV dataset lineage](

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