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== Examples of a manifest for DCAT2 ==

Opening an issue to track the request by @ericstephan  [[1]](https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-dxwg-wg/2020Jun/0039.html). A copy of the request is attached below.

Hi all,

I'm interested in the concept of a manifest file to identify datasets that belong to a dataset.  In the DCAT and DCAT2 recommendations, the following phrase appears "Aggregated DCAT metadata can serve as a manifest file as part of the digital preservation process.".  Unfortunately, I can't find examples of DCAT manifests. 

 Are you aware of examples of aggregated DCAT metadata that support both a manifest that contains a listing of datasets and composition?

I am also interested if there a concept of manifests for a profile that relies on other profiles.  

Thank you,

Eric Stephan
US DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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