Re: [dxwg] Should we split the DXWG GitHub Repo? (#1216)

Just including the mail Karen's sent (see [[1]]( in this thread, as it seems very relevant for this discussion.

> I had a look at the issue of issues and splitting github. First, there 
is the count of open issues:

> DCAT: 88
> Conneg: 14 (2=won't fix, 4=due for closing)
> PROF: 52 (5=due for closing)
> Guidance: 92

> Then I looked at which projects have issues that overlap with other 
projects. This is based on the assignment of labels in github. I did not 
find an easy way to check the links between issues, which is another 

> PROF + Guidance: 9 (3=due for closing)
> DCAT + Guidance: 4 (1=due for closing)

> Conneg had zero overlaps with any other project, and there was no 
overlap between DCAT and PROF.

> My conclusions from are:

> 1. If we are thinking to leave one of the projects in place where it is, 
my vote would be on DCAT, which has the most open issues and probably 
the most visibility (we've gotten the most comments from outside the 
working group)

> 2. Conneg is small and may be completed soon. It could be moved out 
probably without affecting any other projects. But if it does goes to 
REC soon, and further versions are not anticipated, it might just best 
stay where it is and save the effort of separating it.

> 3. PROF has some overlap with Guidance, although it is only 6 items. 
Also, there is no work currently on Guidance, so if PROF is separated 
out it would make sense first to look at those issues and see if they 
are needed for PROF.

> 4. Guidance: I'm not sure what to say about this since it isn't being 
worked on actively. It could be separated out now, or it could be 
separated only if it becomes active again. It has a lot of open issues 
so it would be some effort to separate it from the DXWG github space.

> kc


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