[dxwg] Example 47 seems to be missing relation links (#1285)

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== Example 47 seems to be missing relation links ==
Example 47 seems to be incorrect, missing links such as in dct:conformsTo or dcat:landingPage.
  a dcat:Dataset ;
  dct:conformsTo  ;
  dct:description "This is an RDF/OWL representation of the GeoSciML Geologic Timescale model ..."@en ;
  dct:identifier "http://resource.geosciml.org/ontology/timescale/gts" ;
  dct:issued "2011-01-01"^^xsd:date ;
  dct:modified "2020-05-31"^^xsd:date ;
  dct:title "Geologic Timescale model"@en ;
  dct:type  ;
  rdfs:comment "The ontology used for the data"@en ;
  dcat:distribution  ;
  dcat:landingPage  ;

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