[dxwg] DCAT2.ttl: Request for minor changes (#1246)

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== DCAT2.ttl: Request for minor changes ==
1) Regarding the labels of properties such as dcat:dataset, dcat:distribution og dcat:catalog, it would be beneficial to prefer labels which highlight that the fact that these elements are properties and not classes by preferring labels such as “has dataset”, "has service", “has catalog” or “has distribution”. Currently, they differ only by way of capitalization. (also in normative spec)

2) Regarding the definition of dcat:Catalog, it would be more appropriate to move the examples to a comment or scopeNote. (also in normative spec)

3) The links provided in the scopeNote of dcat:Role and dcat:hadRole are unstable test addresses:  http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/isotc211/CI_RoleCode.& http://registry.it.csiro.au/def/isotc211/DS_AssociationTypeCode; The following is considered the correct url: https://def.isotc211.org/ontologies/iso19115/-1/2018/CitationAndResponsiblePartyInformation.rdf 

4) Regarding property dcat:spatialResolutionInMeters, it would be beneficial to add the following information from the DCAT spec (from bbox) in the TTL section describing dcat:spatialResolutionsInMeters or - ideally - replacing the current second scopeNote with this text: “The ability of to detect details in an raster image or grid is referred to as spatial resolution. The spatial resolution is stated in metres. The more pixels are included in a raster image of a certain area, the higher the spatial resolution meaning the more details can be observed”. 
(source: http://fis.uni-bonn.de/en/recherchetools/infobox/professionals/resolution/spatial-resolution)

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