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Thanks for pointing out the type, Annette.

I revised the relevant text in PR



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From: Annette Greiner <>
Sent: 29 October 2019 23:05:55
Subject: Re: DXWG Plenary 2019-10-29T20:00:00

The re-charter poll has been closed for most of the past week, so I will just state here that I am okay with it in its current form.

The implementation plan also seems fine, except that I noticed one predicateless run-on sentence (note the number of prepositional phrases) that needs a little editing: "The following table the guidelines which have been reviewed to get complementary evidence of the actual implementation of the revisions proposed in [VOCAB-DCAT-2<*bib-vocab-dcat-2__;Iw!NW73rmyV52c!QwjWzYEnjiITxUQxrBHdi4NLzWS0kosBQ1et_v4XgNn1oO0ykEhVZ4V7EwJAYhDS_jP9GV0$>] in the data catalogs and DCAT-based vocabularies listed in the previous sections."

A possible rewrite: "The following table lists guidelines documents that demonstrate actual implementations of the revisions proposed in [VOCAB-DCAT-2<*bib-vocab-dcat-2__;Iw!NW73rmyV52c!QwjWzYEnjiITxUQxrBHdi4NLzWS0kosBQ1et_v4XgNn1oO0ykEhVZ4V7EwJAYhDS_jP9GV0$>]. These examples are drawn from the data catalogs and DCAT-based vocabularies listed in the previous sections."


On 10/27/19 1:58 AM, pedro winstley wrote:
Dear Colleagues

the next DXWG plenary is at 20:00 UTC on 29 October

This is a really important meeting where we need to sign off on the DCAT implementation evidence and the WG re-charter

The agenda is at<;!NW73rmyV52c!QwjWzYEnjiITxUQxrBHdi4NLzWS0kosBQ1et_v4XgNn1oO0ykEhVZ4V7EwJAYhDSQvNQIYk$>

Please complete the poll on the re-charter -<;!NW73rmyV52c!QwjWzYEnjiITxUQxrBHdi4NLzWS0kosBQ1et_v4XgNn1oO0ykEhVZ4V7EwJAYhDSBr4jt6Q$> , especially if you cannot attend the meeting.

Kind regards

Peter & Karen - Chairs

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