Re: [dxwg] Replace "functional profiles" with "methods" or "implementations" (#1106)

@kcoyle for the record the "discussion to death" that @nicholascar alludes is #1022 : basically my preference for closing #1022 was to rename 'functional profiles' into something else, quite like what you've suggested in the issue here.
I've not yet reviewed the last changes pushed to me by Lars (sorry for that @larsgsvensson !) but I have accepted the fact that 'functional profiles' may remain as profile, as long as the difference between both types of profiles is clear. And that it's clear that the focus of the Conneg spec is *not* the functional profiles.

So afaic I would say that the issue here could be closed as redundant with #1022 

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Received on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 20:30:10 UTC