Conneg ttl files, PROF, and Normativity

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There are two Conneg .ttl files. One is for the Alternate Representation
Data Model (Section A.2). [1] This is an OWL ontology and states its
path as <>.

Another is the profiles.ttl [2] which gives its path as

@prefix cnpr: <>

This latter vocabulary has subclass dependencies on PROF, and uses PROF
for the description of functional profiles of Conneg, such as:

cnpr:http a prof:Profile ;
    prof:isProfileOf <> ;

The "cnpr" properties are defined in Section 7.2 on functional profiles,
which is normative.[3] In it, if I understand correctly, PROF is being
used to define the functional profiles as profiles of conneg.

I wonder if we don't have the same issue that we had with other uses of
PROF in normative areas - that as a note, PROF is somewhat shaky as a
dependency for a normative vocabulary. It does seem that the functional
profiles are even more deeply integrated with PROF than the elements I
noted in a previous email.[4] Could the normative areas of Conneg and
PROF be entirely separated and Conneg still have functional profiles?
(Note: I do NOT know how W3C views vocabularies that are used in
normative areas of a recommendation - that is, whether they must also be

Again, the issue is that passage of Conneg to CR may be at risk if
normative functions depend on a vocabulary that is not at a final stage
of development. I hope DaveR and Philippe can advise re the W3C
viewpoint. Thanks.


Karen Coyle
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Received on Tuesday, 8 October 2019 19:28:35 UTC