Re: [dxwg] Dataset series (#868)

Fully agree that there would be great value in some story, though I'm a little unsure that there is a _single_ pattern that can be recommended.  Worth trying, anyway, now we seem to have a stable definition of the qualities of `dcat:Distribution`.  In the spirit of starting a conversation:

The spatial series seems a good entry point here: in that case would each map be a `dcat:Dataset` with its own `dcat:Distribution`s?  [DCAT-rev definition of distributions means that you would have to do this, since the content of different maps is different.]  If we just link these (with some variant of  `dct:relation` or `dcat:qualifiedRelation`) then we have the connections but no holder for metadata common across the series.  We could have a parent dataset (trying hard not to call it an atlas) which has the maps as constituent parts, which would hint at common metadata and use something like `prov:specializationOf` to identify the members of the series, though some kind of generic (cataloguable) container type would work too, I think.  Or is all that too simplistic?
For the temporal case, we might be able to do the same kind of pattern, but I suspect that there are naturally more things at play there, or possibly other use cases.  Versioning - or more specifically change through the progress of time - seems to me to become part of the picture very quickly, whereas for spatial and other kinds of series it would be a bit more orthogonal.  Perhaps the temporal kind of series is better looked at via some kind of service paradigm. That might all just be my narrow/limited world view, though. :smile: 

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