Re: Persistent URIs for use cases

  Hello Makx,

   as one of the editors I added the identifier prefixes,
  not aware of breaking the local links (based on the headline text).
  I'll move them out of the headlines into a separate anchor. 

    Sorry for the inconvenience, best regards

On 26.05.2017 10:20, Makx Dekkers wrote:
> Dear all,
> As I am working on use cases, I was using the URLs to the individual use cases, e.g.
> Now I see that half an hour ago, someone (Jpulmann) changed all the URLs by adding identifiers which broke all the links I used in my work yesterday and this morning.
> While I can think of good reasons to assign identifiers to use cases, can we please try to keep any links to resources persistent, please? Can I count on the URLs that are there now to be persistent?
> Makx

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