RE: Agenda for tomorrow

Thanks Caroline. 

Will attempt to join from time to time, but won't be able to guarantee every week at midnight on Monday. 

I hope we can maybe revisit the timing in five months' time when daylight-savings changes go into effect. As you know, in the southern hemisphere we spring forward when the northern hemisphere falls back, which unfortunately makes it even more anti-social for those of us in the high longitudes. 


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Hi all,

The agenda for tomorrow's call is now posted:

Thank you for filling in the Doode pool [1]. From that we got that the majority will be able to participate of the Weekly's meetings on Monday's at 14:00 UTC [1].

We understand it is important to have a meeting tomorrow - May 25th - to discuss that and the other items on the agenda.

Speak tomorrow!  Hope you're all having a good week.

Kind regards,



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