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Hi, Rob.

About UC ID40 [1], I wonder whether it may be worth including references to related work - first of all, the relevant BPs from SDWBP (e.g., [3]), but also DCAT / mapping exercises. I think the latter, besides providing guidance on know to convert DCAT / records in a harmonised way, are useful to highlight existing gaps between the two vocabularies. I'm cc'ing Dan, since we have been discussing these issues starting from the TPAC in Lisbon.

About the DCAT / mapping, there's the one done in the framework of the SDW WG:

This has been based on existing work, and includes also a cross-mapping with (part of) ISO 19115. 

Another mapping exercise, covering a wider set of classes / properties, is the one based on DCAT-AP and documented here:

This includes a summary of the mapping issues:

I think it may be important to have a clear understanding of these issues / gaps, not because we should aim to having a 1-to-1 and complete mapping of the 2 vocabularies. Since DCAT and have been designed for different purposes and uses, some information included in DCAT records may not be relevant to (and vice versa). So, IMHO, the key point is understanding which of the existing gaps should be addressed, and which instead have a lower relevance / priority.




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