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The D in DCAT may not be the problem. After all, D stands for Data -- DCAT is the *Data* Catalog Vocabulary, not the *Dataset* Catalog Vocabulary.

Maybe we could look at different approaches for different types of resources, e.g.

a. if something is not *data*, maybe there is a need for a different vocabulary alongside DCAT, e.g. an Equipment Catalog Vocabulary, Service Catalog Vocabulary etc. This might be out of scope for this WG?


b. if something is not a *dataset*, maybe there is a need for a class of things alongside the dcat:Dataset, so a dcat:Catalog could contain dcat:Dataset and dcat:Equipment and dcat:Service etc.


c. if we want to lump all kinds of 'things' together under dcat:Dataset, those things could be either subclasses of dcat:Dataset or be identified with a type property.


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On a more general point, a couple of times people have suggested to me that the D of DCAT is sometimes unhelpful; that is, one might think in terms of a catalogue vocabulary, where the items in the catalogue
*might* be datasets, yes, or, perhaps things like equipment (think projectors and smart boards in university campus).

The current definition of a dataset is (deliberately) so broad that it's close to the definition of the more general notion of an 'Information Resource'


On 06/07/2017 17:05, Makx Dekkers wrote:
> Karen, all,
> If I may, I would suggest not to start the discussion trying to define what a Dataset is. It seems to me that it would be more practical to look at what Simon mentions at the end of his problem statement "a way for a DCAT description to indicate the 'type' of dataset involved".
> Makx.
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> This agenda follows Jaroslav's and Makx's suggestions by initiating the discussion of "what is a dataset?"
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