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However, the ISO 10000 definition of profile is 

"conforming subsets or combinations of base standards used to provide specific functions" 

So new classes can be introduced from another 'standard'. I've added links to ISO 10000 in the profiles discussion.

In the context of RDF, it's difficult to imagine profiles that don't use classes or properties from another RDF vocabulary. 

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Andrea, in answer to #2, by the Dublin Core definition, DCAT itself would not be a profile because it originates classes and properties. DC profiles reuse but do not create vocabulary elements. A DC profile is always based on vocabularies defined (preferably in a standard way) elsewhere.

That said, presumably you could create a DCAT profile that is exactly all of the classes and properties that are included in DCAT. If profiles include information such as cardinality, value pick lists, etc., then such a profile would provide information not included in the DCAT ontology.


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> Dear Karen, dear Ruben,
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> A couple of comments / questions:
> 1. I think it may be worth including an explicit reference to the definition of "profile" from RFC 6906 ("The 'profile' Link Relation Type") [1]. @Ruben, if I'm not mistaken your definitions are partially based on it.
> 2. Looking at the wiki page, it is unclear whether DCAT itself (and any metadata schema, vocabulary, etc.) is considered or not a "profile". 
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>> Ruben and I have done the first set of definitions on the Profiles 
>> Context page [1]. You should add your own definitions and also 
>> comment on those that are there. This is a brainstorming exercise so 
>> please toss out your thoughts, respond to definitions and comments, 
>> and contribute to this.
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