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Peter, are you referring to the data that is coded using that AP, or the
AP itself? As far as I know, if you want the data coded in DCAT-AP but
not DCAT-AP-IT the site providing the data would need to be able to
create the DCAT-AP-only dataset. If they cannot, then you could accept
DCAT-AP-IT and perform the limiting to DCAT-AP at your end. (This also
brings up the notion of cascading/inheriting in APs, another sticky
topic on our plate.)


On 12/8/17 2:52 AM, wrote:
> So in a DCAT-AP context we are getting national catalogues with refinements on the core DCAT-AP.  AFAIK there is a DCAT-AP-IT for italy, and a DCAT-AP-SK for Slovakia.  The convention seems to be developing in this way using a 2char country code.
> If I want to merge then perhaps I just want the DCAT-AP version without any country-specific additions.
> Would this be an appropriate and testable use case for this?
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> Annette, thanks for the reality check. And as Ruben says, the main aim
> is to access data that matches one or more application profiles.
> On 12/8/17 1:24 AM, Ruben Verborgh wrote:
>> Hi Annette,
>>> In my mind, the conneg bit that's needed is about adding the ability to negotiate not the profile itself but the distribution (of a dataset) that supports a preferred profile.
> The only requirement seems to be:
> 6.8.3 Profile negotiation
> Create a way to negotiate choice of profile between clients and servers
> Perhaps that needs to be more specific so that it is clearly about
> choosing data that is consistent with a given application profile.
> kc
>> The second is our main aim,
>> but conneg clearly also makes sense for the profile itself
>> if that is available in multiple representations.
>>> Content negotiation already has the capability to handle the case of requesting a copy of astrodcat itself as astrodcat.rdf vs astrodcat.xml vs astrodcat.json.
>> Indeed, it's this mechanism I propose to reuse
>> (but no need to mandate that).
>> Ruben

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