Comments sought on The Profiles Vocabulary, W3C WG Note

Dear ARDC,

(Hi Melanie, please could you distribute this to any interested parties at ARDC? I know you’ve seen PROF before but this is the latest and much updated realise, thanks. Nick)
The W3C’s Dataset Exchange Working Group has just released The Profiles Vocabulary, created “to allow the machine-readable description of profiles of specifications for information resources” as a W3C Working Group Note [1] and we are inviting you to comment on it.

The Working Group is very interested in collecting feedback on this vocabulary from a wide range of standards organisations and practitioners since ‘profiles’ are a general and widely-used concept and many communities do profiling. The Note is not final yet, so it is certainly possible to influence its ultimate form.

If you would like to comment on the Note, please do so by emailing the WG’s public comments mailing list [2] (Reply All to this) or by creating an Issue in the WG’s Issue Tracker [3] by Friday, 7th of February 2020. If you do create GitHub Issues directly, please label them “profiles-vocabulary” and “feedback”.

We will attempt to respond to your comments either in the mailing list, GitHub Issues or both by Friday, 6th of March, 2020 and may then release an updated Note based on Feedback.



Nicholas Car & Rob Atkinson

Editors, The Profiles Vocabulary

W3C’s Dataset Exchange Working Group






Received on Monday, 6 January 2020 12:31:13 UTC