ServiceLevelAgreement, QualityPolicy and dcterms:Standard (ISSUE-184 and ISSUE-199)

Hi everyone,

While trying to record and act on resolution, there was one quite entangled matter: our discussion about ISSUE-184:

Summing things in our minutes [1] I think we have
RESOLUTION: replace current dqv:ServiceLevelAgreement with dqv:QualityPolicy
RESOLUTION: Add an example with an SLA as Quality Policy, trying to use the same dimensions as metrics and annotations
Plus a half-recorded action to add issue about asking whether dqv:QualityPolicy is a subclass of dcterms:Standard.

I've created an new issue about the latter, ISSUE-199:
And I've added a NOTE about it in the new DQV draft [2].

I propose to close ISSUE-184. In any case, I've already removed the corresponding NOTE about it in the current DQV draft.



Received on Thursday, 24 September 2015 22:55:30 UTC