Re: DQV, DAQ and Data Cube graphs - ISSUE 182

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On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 4:38 PM, Antoine Isaac <> wrote:
> But to me the original problem with daq:QualityGraph (and qd:Dataset) is
> that it's expected to contain only (statistical) measures [1], and that
> this is absolutely not represented in the class name. Changing 'Graph' into
> 'Dataset' won't solve this. What I need is something that says 'Statistics'
> or 'Measures'.
> So I propose QualityStatistics or QualityMeasures. The latter being better
> aligned (but also potentially mistaken) with the existing
> dqv:QualityMeasure.

I personally prefer QualityMeasures rather than QualityStatistics because I
think it more self-descriptive. But I agree with you that it might be
confused (or at times mistyped) with dqv:QualityMeasure. So another option
would be to use QualityMeasureDataset, if it is not too long. (It might
actually fit as it is a subclass of the qb:DataSet which is for a set of

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