Relation between dqv:qualityAssessment and Web Annotation motivations

Dear all,

Today I had a (live) discussion with Rob Sanderson, chair of the Web Annotation WG, about Action-208 [1] to see whether they would consider adding our dqv:qualityAssessment instance of oa:Motivation [2] in their centralized list of motivations [3].

Rob's answer is that for now it seems better for us to keep our motivation in our namespace.
 From the semantic perspective, dqv:qualityAssessment is related to oa:moderating that is defined as
The motivation for when the user intends to assign some value or quality to the Target. For example annotating an Annotation to moderate it up in a trust network or threaded discussion.

It is not clear however whether dqv:qualityassessment is a direct specialization of oa:moderating, though (ie. whether there should be a skos:broader between the two). There could be some DQV cases that don't fit...
So we agreed for the moment skos:closeMatch could be safer.

I've updated our DQV RDF file [4] trying to follow the WA recommendations for extending motivations [5].

We will probably have to re-examine the two aspect of the discussion (i.e. inclusion of our motivation in oa:, and relation between the two motivations) later in the new year.

I believe this would naturally happen when we come back to another WA motivation-related discussion [6].




Received on Friday, 11 December 2015 13:44:28 UTC