[i18n review comment] BP3 should recommend locale-neutral representation #187

[raised by aphillips]


Best practice #3 introduces itself as:

 > Providing locale parameters helps humans and computer applications to 
work accurately with things like dates, currencies and numbers that may 
look similar but have different meanings in different locales.

But the actual best practice is to use **locale-neutral** 
representations that are interpreted/displayed to end-users in a 
locale-appropriate manner. For example, instead of storing the string 
"€2000.00", exchanging a data structure like the following is strongly 

"price" {
    "value": 2000.00,
    "currency": "EUR"

The date examples given are all in xsd:date format, which is an 
excellent example of using a locale-neutral format.

Many things are dependent on locale: decimal symbol, grouping symbol, 
number of grouping digits, digit shapes, etc. It's because there can be 
wide variation (sometimes open to misinterpretation) that sending a 
locale neutral format is preferred for data values. Note also btw that 
the position of the currency symbol is dependent on the locale. In 
France it would be normal to write 2000.00 € rather than €2000.00. Same 
even when talking about USD when using $, ie. 2000.00 $.

Received on Friday, 22 July 2016 12:33:03 UTC