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Re: Some comments on the latest Editors draft of Data on the wEb BP

From: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2016 15:29:37 +0100
To: "Little, Chris" <chris.little@metoffice.gov.uk>, "public-dwbp-comments@w3.org" <public-dwbp-comments@w3.org>
Message-ID: <571640D1.3040507@w3.org>
Hi Chris,

I'm doing a little native speaker editing to help the editors with the 
final push on the doc. Comments inline below.

On 13/04/2016 13:31, Little, Chris wrote:
> Dear Editors,
> If not too late for any deadlines, here are my belated comments, mainly based on a snapshot dated 16 Feb 2016, but updated to apply to the version dated 9 April 2016. The later version has already addressed some of my concerns.
> They are mainly minor to improve readability, rather than towards the content, which seems very good and clear. And I apologise for not speaking Português!
> Hope this will help, best wishes, Chris
> ================
> Whole document:
> 1. Please decide whether 'Best Practices' or 'best practices' is the preferred text and be consistent.

s/best practices/Best Practices executed.

> 2. Please spell 'license' as 'licence'. Generally in British English, a 'c' denotes the thing and 's' denotes the action.
> As in 'We practise Best Practice, and license people by issuing a licence'. I prefer this subtle consistency. I recognise that things may be different in the Americas.

Unfortunately we are bound by house rules and the many orthographical 
errors of Noah Webster whose simplified English is required for all 
formal publications.

> Specific sections:
> 3. Sect 4, Para 2: 'interested in' not 'interested on'.

> 4. BP2: 'contact point for' not 'contact point of'.

> 5. BP4: Possible Approach how about adding a link to the RDF Data Cube?

I leave that to the editors although I'd be inclined not to. Yes, QB 
includes a lot of structural metadata but in the context of the BP, I'd 
say the examples given are sufficient.

> 6. BP7, Example 7: 'csvCompletenessMetric' not 'csvComplitenessMetric'.

Thanks/ I'd never have spotted that.

> 7. BP12: Please add to the end of the 'Possible Approach' para: 'but the other remains unchanged.' to increase emphasis.

I actually amended that last sentence to:

"However, when the next version of this document is published, the 
'latest version' URI will be changed to point to that, but the dated URI 
remains unchanged."

> 8. BP13: In the 'Why' para, consider adding 'open', 'well documented', 'RAND', etc to 'non-proprietary'.

An issue for the WG to discuss.

> 9. Sect 8.9: please also clarify 'vocabularies' versus 'code lists' as code lists are used in BP16. The list in the second para. Does not explain the generally agreed distinctions.

Those BPs are under active discussion and the point you make is part of 

> 10. BP15: please add 'WMO' to the list of example standard organizations. WHO? ICAO?

WMO added. The list could be infeasibly long if we're not careful.

> 11. BP18, Example 18: 'bus driver' not 'bus''driver' is fine.


> 12. BP21: please put 'scraping' into quotes ''scraping'', as it implies a specialised, technical meaning, not general, of the word.

That's been rewritten a little and the word no longer appears.

> 13. BP28: 'Assess dataset Web context' is better than 'Assess dataset coverage'. Coverage could be confused with the specialised geospatial meaning. Change over paras. 'Scope' may be a useful word.

One for the WG to consider (but I agree).

> 14. BP28, Example 28: Could you use an example without mentions 'triples' - a term requiring specialised knowledge or too implementation specific.

For WG consideration. Subject to theier approval, I have changed the 
intro line of the example to:

An RDF dataset targeted for preservation is made of the following triples:

> 15. BP29, Example 29: What is a 'timegate'? Star Trek?

It's a Memento thing.

> 16. Sect 10: diagram still much too small when printed.
> ==================

Not sure which version you saw. I hope the version posted just over a 
week ago is a lot bigger than it was.

Thanks again


> Chris Little
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