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Hi Richard,

My apologies for getting back to you later than you probably hoped for. I would suggest in the future to assign the ACTION on me and I'll take care of it as a normal working group participant.

Specifically for this task - I've reviewed the roles and mapping would be straightforward (but not really useful). UIA is primarily User Interface automation accessibility framework and doesn't contain strong semantic entities required for digital publishing, so most of the roles in the list would be expressed as combination of TextControlType with LocalizedControlType as well as some attributes on TextPattern.

I plan to do this in more detail and hopefully create a pull request this October.

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Hi Bogdan,

Would you please provide us with an ETA for this and do you have a designated representative to the ARIA working group?

Thank you,

Rich Schwerdtfeger
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Hi Bogden,

Please provide UIA mappings for these roles.

This is the specification:

As I understand it we have 2 major publishers already implementing them. The one I know of is Safari books. James Craig has committed to put the changes into Webkit now that they are locked down.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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