Media Queries & Details/Summary for extended descriptions

I'm forwarding a few off-list emails (with permission) to this list in
order to provide a context and basis for continuing conversation with
our Dpub-ARIA Task Force  regarding moving extended descriptions from
using ARIA-Describedat and/or HTML Longdesc, to using HTML
Details/Summary instead.

A brief comment ...

The idref combinator James suggests below is no longer in the
*	CSS spec. See the follow up email from Florian.

Also, the following URIs may be helpful context for this conversation:

An ARIA-Details proposal from Rich:

Minutes from the Dpub-ARIA TF telecon of 21 January:



James Craig writes:
> On Feb 4, 2016, at 5:52 AM, Janina Sajka <> wrote:
> Hi, James:
> Writing off list for now, but with a CC to Florian as this is a question
> about creating a binary MQ for show/hide presence of extended
> descriptions in HTML Details/Summary ...
> One piece of the puzzle that Dpub (and ARIA) need in order to move away
> from longdesc/Describedat and into using Details/Summary for extended
> descriptions is a way for the user to configure their browser to alert
> them when a particular image has a Details/Summary which is further
> identified via ARIA as an extended description.

I'm not sure I understand. Why do you need a new MQ for this? Couldn't that just be an AT behavior?

> The idea is the MQ defaults to "don't bother me with those," and allows
> a user to configure their UA to enable flagging the presence of the
> description, should they wish to be alerted to those.

I'm not sure you mean by "flagging" or being "alerted to those"... You might be able to do this already with other selectors in the CSS4 spec. There's an "IDREF Combinator" selector (possibly removed b/c I don't see it in the CSS 4 selectors draft) that could be used to determine if the element's IDREF matches an attribute on another element. If I understand your goal correctly, once that selector is implemented, the desired behavior could be achieved with a user style sheet or greasemonkey-like script. 


> How, exactly, this
> is conveyed by the UI needn't be defined by the MQ feature, imo. 
> I believe we discussed this approach at some time in IndieUI, though I
> don't recall precisely when. I believe we also touched on this at one
> time or another in ARIA calls. The most recent Dpub discussion is at:
> Is this an approach Apple would support? If so, could you perhaps
> write-up the feature for CSS at sometime in the near future?
> Is it something we believe would be acceptable in MQ4?
> Thanks for your help on this.
> Janina


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